Gerome feat. Cassandra Grey – Memory Lane

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Securing a firm and well-deserved seat on the Skies roster with a consistent string of quality material over recent months, Gerome and Cassandra Grey make their label comeback in the form of the emotional ‘Memory Lane’.

Displaying a slightly alternative yet forward-thinking sound, ‘Memory Lane’ is a clear victory of Gerome’s musical versatility, boasting haunting pianos, ominous atmospheres, and cutting edge leads; perfectly complemented by the presence of Cassandra’s ever-blissful vocals.

Making a much awaited label return, Den Rize & Levekar team up in an aggressive collaborative remix, featuring razor sharp basslines, groovy vocal slices, chunky percussion, and massive saw leads. Going for a techier approach, this remix has no shortage of energy, resulting in a more peak-time oriented production. To cater for vocal and instrumental preferences, the pair have delivered a vocal as well as a dub remix.

Certain to please Trance fans across the spectrum, this is ‘Memory Lane’.