Gerome Feat. Cassandra Grey – Black Bird

Release Date: March 14, 2016
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Delivering ESE’s first vocal outing for 2016 is Lebanese DJ/producer Gerome, in collaboration with new-coming singer/songwriter Cassandra Grey. Gerome’s Vocal Mix features Cassandra’s delicate, dream-like vocals gliding amongst a backdrop of energetic beats and soaring lead lines, with soft piano touches to finish. In contrast, the Dub Mix focuses on the raw synthesized elements of the original, leaving the lush breakdown pads to shine in their own right.

Cranking up the energy levels a notch is Gelardi’s mix, adding clubbier grooves to the picture, with acid lines and bubbling synth textures along with an excellent driving main lead section. The elegant melodic character and uniquely charming vocals of ‘Black Bird’ make this a standout release for fans of the softer, yet powerful melodic trance sound.